Oil, Transmission Fluid and Other Liquids for your Vehicle

Fluids exist all throughout modern vehicles, regardless of their size, speed, or age. If they didn’t have fluids, they certainly wouldn’t operate as they’re expected to. You must keep a close watch over your car’s fluids – a failure to do so can result in your vehicle completely failing.

Transmission fluid is found underneath your vehicle, located in the transmission. It helps you change gears more effectively and seamlessly. Change it approximately every 100,000 miles you drive. Power steering fluid can also be checked by looking to the clear contained on the driver’s side, under the hood. If it’s not full, top it up, but be careful not to let any outside debris fall in. Change out engine oil every few thousand miles depending upon model, even though most places recommend doing so after 3,000. If your engine oil is low, it means there’s a leak somewhere, and should replace whatever oil is lost – you should get the leak repaired in our service center, as well.

Keeping up with a vehicle’s fluids is difficult. You should contact our technicians at Carbone Subaru of Utica to help you through this maintenance process.

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