Cruise in Style with a Crossover

The crossover category seems to be enjoying some unprecedented success within the auto industry. What exactly is a crossover, and why should you try one?

A crossover is similar to a standard SUV, but manufacturers build it on a car bed rather than a truck bed. Some of these cars offer you the utility of a sport vehicle without extra baggage you might not need. Such a vehicle may offer you the roomy, comfortable interior of an SUV without feeling too large or cumbersome. This design feature also makes for a lighter vehicle that could improve the crossover's fuel economy.

If the price is a concern for you, many crossovers win in this category with budget vehicles that still give you all the basics you might want. That's because the bodies of these cars don't usually cost as much to manufacture as their traditional SUV counterparts.

We'd like to discuss even more benefits of the crossover line at Carbone Subaru of Utica. Please visit us at our Yorkville, NY location today!

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