Don't Get Stranded by a Bad Belt

In the wintertime and with temperatures falling, the last thing anyone wants is to be stranded somewhere with a car that just won't start. Cold temperatures already make the job of a battery difficult, and if it's an older vehicle with an older alternator, a bad belt may also be a problem. In order for a battery to be charged by an alternator at all, it needs to be connected by an accessory drive belt, and many times these are so worn out that they simply to not do the job properly.

Your battery is the only thing keeping you from a cold wait in a dark parking lot if it fails to start, but even the most robust battery needs to be recharged. While an alternator provides the juice, the belt is what helps transfer the power between the two. If it needs to be replaced the whole system can fail.

So before winter sets in, or really anytime of year, head on in to Carbone Subaru of Utica so we can ensure this vital part is in good order.

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