Off-Roading for Beginners – Safety is Key

Off-roading can be fun. The terrain, the natural beauty, what’s not to love? Well, for one, the dangers careless beginners bring on themselves. Off-roading is dangerous, and carelessness can cost lives. As a beginner, there are some important safety tips you absolutely need.

First, be prepared and equipped. Have a roll-cage under all circumstances. Have winches, jacks and tire repair equipment ready. Have GPS and emergency equipment so you’re never lost and stranded far from help.

Only do this on approved trails provided by parks, government land sectors or off-roading services. Know the trail, know the climate, know your vehicle. Be sure you’ve tested your vehicle’s capabilities in safer conditions first, and not unlike diving, never go off-roading alone, not ever.

To learn about safe trails and services in the Yorkville, NY area, visit us at Carbone Subaru of Utica, we’ll get you started the safe way!

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