The Reasons Why Summer Tires are Better Than All-Season Tires

The team here at Carbone Subaru of Utica wanted to share information on why switching to summer tires this season is better advised. Compared to the all-season tires, the summer tires are going to help with handling, braking, and cornering.

The summer tires have a unique tread pattern that is going to help with cornering and handling at high speeds. The pattern also was designed to move rainwater away from the tires fast, making it less likely that the car will hydroplane or skid off the road.

The summer tires do not have as many grooves as the all-season tire. This means there is more tread contacting the road, improving the ability of your vehicle to come to a full stop sooner. This is especially helpful when trying to stop on slick road surfaces.

Bring your vehicle to our service center here at Carbone Subaru of Utica and we'll replace your all-season tires with summer tires so you're safer as the warmer weather approaches.

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