Understanding Your Engine & Why It’s Overheating

Your vehicle’s engine can overheat due to a number of things. At Carbone Subaru of Utica in Yorkville, NY, we strongly urge owners to pay attention to the regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent an engine from overheating. However, there are a few common culprits.

One of the most common reasons for an engine to overheat is that it needs more coolant. In some instances, the coolant evaporates. There may be other reasons why it’s not there. It could be a leak in the radiator hose or there may be a blockage somewhere along the line.

Other reasons for overheating is because there’s a broken part that needs to be replaced. This could be the engine thermostat, the radiator fan, or one of the hoses. The “check engine” light will usually come on when something’s broken, indicating that you need to get your vehicle to a service center.

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