Counter Steering Can Save the day During Winter Skids

Driving during winter months always has inherent risks. These risks include black ice, moist roads, and other vehicles. Of the three, icy roads present some of the largest dangers during the winter months. Many drivers will experience slight skids and loss of control during these conditions, but if they follow some simple rules they can come out of such incidents without damage to themselves or their vehicles.

First of all, drivers should always remember to counter-steer to retain control of their vehicles. This means that if that rear end of the vehicle skids in one direction, the driver should slowly and proportionately turn the wheel in the same direction. By doing so, drivers can counteract the radial forces and bring the vehicles back under control. In the case of front end slides, drivers should take their feet off the brakes and allow the front wheels to move freely. Doing so will promote continued control of the wheels, and thus direction.

In addition to counter-steering, drivers should strive to let their engines slow their vehicles. By using the engine, drivers can avoid any kind of break lockup and reduce further skids.

Also, during skids drivers should point their eyes in the direction of travel and remain calm. By doing so, they will retain the ability to steer away from objects and avoid further damages.

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