Drive Safely at Night with Auto-dimming Rearview Mirrors

Our team at Carbone Subaru of Utica want you to be aware of the latest safety features available today so you can stay safe out on the roads.

One such feature that doesn't initially sound significant is auto-dimming rearview mirrors. When one considers, however, that the blinding glare of bright headlights in a rearview mirror can disrupt your vision for up to 1.4 seconds, you realize how important such a feature is.

Using a process called electrochromism, auto-dimming rearview mirrors use ambient light sensors to detect the light from following cars and darken the mirror to dim it to protect your vision. The microprocessor used sends a charge through the contained electrochromic get used to darken the mirror.

Stop by Carbone Subaru of Utica today to learn more about auto-dimming rearview mirrors and other vehicle safety features. Our team will happily answer all of your safety questions.

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