Starting At The Top

Enhance the process of cleaning your tires with a few simple supplies that you likely already have at home. When you're cleaning, make sure you have a brush that can get between the tread of your tires and that can clean all of the dirt and debris from the sidewall.

Start at the top of each tire during the cleaning process. This will prevent excess dirt from getting to the bottom of the tire if you've already cleaned that area. If there are layers of dirt on your tires or debris that seems to be hard to get off, consider using a little baking soda with your cleaner. This can lift the dirt off before rinsing the tire.

For the best results in cleaning, wait until your tires have cooled off after driving in Yorkville, NY. An option would be to go to Carbone Subaru of Utica since there are bays to park cars in that will provide shade so that your car can cool faster. Technicians can use hoses and cleaning products on your tires that you might not have.

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