Reasons to Run Winter Tires in Winter Only

We endorse winter tires at Carbone Subaru of Utica, but you should only run them in winter. Our technicians' experience with tires in Yorkville, NY backs up our opinion.

Some winter tires are built for snowy climates. Others dominate ice. All models are meant only for use in winter conditions. Tire companies choose special chemistry that causes their winter models to grip better in cold temperatures. We bet you don't want to drive on tires that perform poorly all summer. They will handle worse in rain and around corners than standard tires, and they will perform significantly worse during their second winter than their first. To avoid these problems, you only need to switch them seasonally.

Additionally, summer driving abuses winter tires. Your tires' ice-gripping ridges will quickly disappear, and you could eat small chunks out of the treads. With that treatment, your winter tires will last you fewer winters than they can if you properly care for them.

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