Don't Let Pet Hair Take Control of Your Vehicle. Control It with These Simple Tips.

You may have recently had to take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Since your pet doesn't like getting into their carrier, you allowed them to sit in the vehicle on the seat next to you or in the back. Now, you have noticed your vehicle is covered in pet hair. Because your pet was likely stressed, they started shedding like crazy. Here are some ways you can quickly clean up the mess, and these are ways you can be prepared for the future.

  • A roll of duct tape is much better than a lint brush. Not to mention, this is a very cheap item to have on hand in your vehicle if you're a pet owner.
  • Vacuum up as much hair as you can. Use an attachment tool to get into crevices.
  • Use a blanket to cover the seats next time.
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