There are a number of popular SUVs to choose from in today's market, but Subaru manufactures one of the best. The new Forester has a name that speaks volumes. This particular SUV offers a comfortable ride thanks to its luxurious features.

First things first, the new Forester comes equipped with leather-trimmed upholstery. The interior cabin will come in a range of hues, such as black, gray and brown. The upholstery also possesses contrast stitching. Located in the center dash is a multimedia touchscreen. This touchscreen display is very detailed in appearance. Your occupants can search for music, audiobooks or news from this location. Another benefit is the available 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and it can accommodate up to eight devices at once. The total passenger volume here is registered at 111.9 cubic-feet of space.

The new Subaru Forester is on display in our showroom. We will be waiting to give you a first-hand experience that's like no other.

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