Your vehicle most likely has an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Although this may seem like a boring feature of your vehicle, there's fascinating science behind how they work. Our Carbone Subaru of Utica team likes to provide our Yorkville, NY customers with information about their vehicles, so let's have a look at how auto-dimming rearview mirrors work.

The primary function of an auto-dimming mirror is to prevent a driver's vision from being hindered because of a trailing vehicle's headlights. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors usually come equipped with two sensors, which are either cameras or photodetectors (semiconductors). The sensors and a microprocessor work together to detect glare that's caused by headlights. When glare is detected, a charge will be sent to an electrochromic gel.

The gel is found between the two layers of the mirror's glass. When the charge reaches the gel, it will darken due to oxidation-reduction reactions. This will reduce glare by restricting how much light hits the driver's face.

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