Installing Children's Safety Seats

If a child's car seat is not properly installed, the youngster is liable to suffer a wide range of possible injuries if the car suddenly stops or become involved in a collision. A family-friendly vehicle might be in your future. Stop by our Yorkville, NY Carbone Subaru of Utica facility. Browse through our selection and enjoy a test drive.

Parents must first choose the correct seat for the age of the child. Read the enclosed instructions. Place the seat on the rear seat of the vehicle. Pass the seat belt through the car seat as directed and lock it into place. Use anchors if the vehicle has them. Try to wiggle the seat sideways, back and forth. There should not be more than one inch of give.

Adjust the reclining angle if needed. Place the child into the seat. Make sure security straps lie flat against the youngster. Lock the straps shut and make sure a proper fit.

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